November 5, 2010

Happy 3rd Anniversary Babe!!

I cant believe its been already 3 years together! I'm exited for our many more adventures with you! You are the love of my life and you push me everyday to be a better person, and when ever I'm a Debbie downer you know what to say to make things all better. I love being with you all the time! I would rather do everything with you then to be with friends and if all were doing on a Saturday night is cuddling and watching a movie, there is no place else I would rather be!! You have supported me threw 5 years total of school and student loans! And helping out numerous times with my mom and family, and without complaining! You are an amazing daddy to braxton who just adores you! I could not ask for a better husband who wakes up with braxton every day at 7 a.m and lets me sleep an extra hour and you never complain or argue about it. I have got the best catch in the whole world! I am exited for my surprise getaway weekend you have planned for us! You are my everything and I love you with all I have!! Love you Carl!

August 17, 2010

Cosmetics that must GO!!

I have made a list of cosmetics that just need to go! These are not working for anyone!!

1. This mascara is awful, its clumpy its gooey and it does not work!! Who ever created this got it all wrong! Its a hot mess..

2. If you want to look orange or OPMA LOMPA this stuff will do the trick.. Its a no go people!!

3. This foundation will not only cause you to break out, it damages your skin with all its toxins and chemicals your putting on your skin!! Its defenitly a no go!

Those are my 3 things that must go for the day :)

August 10, 2010

Update! :)

I have not posted anything forever! I guess I will give everyone a quick update!
We are in our home! AC just got put in which has saved carl and I this last couple of weeks! We got most of our shrubs a pine tree and a tree yesterday 60% off at Grover Nursery, for the end of summer sale! I am stoked to get the front yard done!

Carl and I went on our roof last night and watched the Medior Shower. It was actually really fun to be together without the tv blaring or braxton running around.

Made an appointment for our OBGYN to take a look at my scar tissue from the C-Section to make sure that if we start trying that everything will be ok and I wont be high risk pregnancy, Cant wait for that to be over with!!
I will keep everyone posted..

January 25, 2010


New Job = New Changes.
Doing facials is my life, I love what I do, Im super nervous to be teaching at a school. Im nervous because I feel that sometimes I dont look professional enough to be teaching and demoing facials and teaching product.. Soo Im on a search to a new look..
I have never been the kinda girl who "Looks Good" with highlights, it makes me look like I am 16 again and silly looking.
Soo im thinking about going super light with my hair, I have always been a deep color brown or red, well.. Im thinking about going pre blond.. And getting a cute cut.
And of course the weight loss thing. Im going to start in February. I got a good group of 20 friends who put 20 bucks each into the pot, we are giving our self 6 weeks with every week weigh ins ( Just like the biggest loser) and at the end, there is going to be a first, second, third place winner who gets the money! Plus a day at the spa tickets.. which I would love!
So lots of personal changes I would like to start. As everyone knows my life has been kinda turned upside down with my mom, she is coming home soon and worried about the changes to come. Just lots of good and interesting changes in my life..

January 23, 2010

Getting ME back!

Things are now getting back to normal..
My life is finally getting more stable! YAY
I just got a dream job offer, and I took it! I am currently working at the Cottage Day Spa retreat at Gardner Village for over 6 months now, and I love it, I get to pamper people all day and get paid very well for doing so. But it is part time and I needed some extra hours, So I applied for Marinelle Esthetic School to teach the Basic Program, and got the job. Im super stoked, and overwhelmed. My dream is to be able to do all the product buying for the school, which I am hoping to land. So with this job finally comes buying a home, Carl and I did things a little backwards by having a child first before buying a home, so we have been saving, paying off debt and trying to make sure we are taking care of before we jump into a home. So starting next week we will be home searching. Im exited. I still am getting lots of my decor shopping done so I can just decorate it and not worry about saving to buy things for the home, I feel comfortable but still need some extra shelves and such. My goal also this year is to start trying for another family member :)Im actually really glad we waited as long as we did, braxton will be able to help with the baby and be more understanding and it will be nice now that he is going into preschool this Summer! Soo with all this going on I weighed myself yesterday, and about passed out on the floor! Literally my mouth dropped. I need to start taking better care of my body, I used to run every morning before I had braxton and I used to never have weight issues. I NEED to get back into that rhythm, I used to feel secure and confident, now I feel like a huge lard. Soo goal this spring/ beginning of summer is to drop 25 pounds. Im planning on starting my weight loss program next week, I think I will look more professional and feel more like me again. And not this forgien person I have become! My mom is doing great, her blog is for anyone interested. I try and post things daily. And that is that for now!

December 1, 2009

Midnight at Toys R Us...

At midnight on BLACK FRIDAY carl and I decided at the last minute we would go to Toys R Us and get some presents for braxton. ... Well we showed up and there was over 5,000 people waiting to get in. Carl and I sneaked our way half way to the front of this HUGE mob line..
When they opened the door at Midnight all 5,000 people were trying to run in threw this 2 foot door!!
Well the lady next to me fell down and was being trampled by thousands of people, The police tried to contain the crowd by jumping on the roof of the police car yelling ( I think they were scared to get in the crowd) Then all the people started shaking the Police car!
It was so out of control Toys R Us only let 1,000 people in and then shut down... For a good hour...
As for the poor lady who got trampled they had to drag her up by her coat to get her standing..
And she was yelling and screaming at everyone who was trampling her...
I witness what the end of the world will look like, and trust me it does not look pretty..

After we got in Carl and I ended up getting all the stuff we wanted after we waited in a FOUR
Hour line.. We got home around 4 a.m..
I am still trying to recover from that night.. It really scared me..
Carl and I agree we Will never ever do that again...

October 22, 2009

Saying Goodbye to Summer....

Summer is hard to say goodbye to when you know SNOW is yet to fallow.
Next year 2010 Summer will include the fallowing....

1. ELDER SCHOENFELD returning from URAGUAY, Montivideo Mission!!!
2. Planning on buying our first home:)
3. ( If) money and citizenship fallow threw for the end of 2009... Would like to plan for #2!!!
4. Going to New York with my mother in July for my birthday :) cause we won free airline tickets :)
5.Going to MOAB and doing the rafting 5 day trip... (doing for travis for his homecoming:)

This year we lived at " The BEACH" Here are some photos of us in the sun....

Braxton Getting the Nerve to Jump